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If you’re looking to plan a wedding full of elegance, romance and flowers, then check out this elegant blossom wedding shoot by Kirkbrides Wedding Planning and Design. It’s a truly stunning wedding backdrop for an elegant wedding, full of flowers, blossoms and splashes of gold.

Elegant Wedding

The Stationary

Let’s start at the beginning by looking at the wedding invitations, stationary and calligraphy. The silvers and golds in the stationery shows that guests are to expect an elegant wedding. There is no hint towards the huge number of flowers guests can expect to see, just a tip of the hat towards a regal affair. The calligraphy used throughout the wedding adds to the theme and style of elegance.

Elegant Wedding

The Couple

The bride’s hair throughout the wedding is full of intricate shapes, that look like tiny blossoms. As the evening comes, the bride’s hair is swept back beautifully. It’s swept back from the face in a natural way to show off the beauty of the bride and her make-up.

The elegance continues throughout the bride’s dress and the groom’s suit. The black suit and bowtie adds to the elegance of the wedding as does the stunning crisp white of the brides wedding dress that flows down beautifully, and shows modesty and elegance at the top.

Elegant wedding

Golden Touch

Gold is known as a colour of royalty and elegance. The splashes of gold throughout this elegant blossom wedding shoot can be clearly seen, but only when you look closely. For example, the groom’s gold ring and the gold on the ring boxes. Gold can then be seen again on the tables at the wedding breakfast. Look closely at the trim on the plates, the cutlery and even the candlestick holders. These small touches of gold add to the elegance, while not stealing the limelight.

Elegant Wedding

The Fabulous Florals

Of course, we can’t talk about this elegant blossom wedding shoot without mentioning the blossoms. The whites, creams, yellows, peaches and pinks of the blossoms can see across the wedding and the venue. The flower wall offers the perfect backdrop as the happy couple sit at the head of the table. Add the trailing flowers and hanging vines from above and you are instantly surrounded by flowers and blossoms.

The florist then matched this in the bride’s bouquet. With all the flowers surrounding her at the venue, it was essential that the bouquet was large enough and beautiful enough to stand out. As you can see, this bouquet certainly did the job.

Flower walls and backdrops offer the perfect photo opportunity for wedding guests and the formal wedding photos. Have you considered where you will have photos taken at your wedding? If you’re keen for guests to take their own photos as well as the professionals, then a floral backdrop could be just the thing.

Elegant Wedding